Protecting your car in the garage

Parking in a one-car garage requires a certain level of finesse, especially if you also use your garage for storage. You certainly don’t want to hit anything, and you definitely need to be well-centred with enough room to open your car doors. So, what can you do?
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If you want the job done right, work with an expert

When you make any big investment, you don’t just go with the first person you come across… You wouldn’t buy a brand-new sportscar from a backyard dealer, so why would you settle for anything than the best when buying a new garage door?
Working with a garage door expert is the only way to guarantee that the job is done right, literally. And if the company you’re looking at isn’t willing to guarantee both the quality of the parts and the quality of their labour… RUN A MILE!
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How to recognize a garage door fraudster

We live in a very technology-driven age and that means that usually when we need information, we look online.
We’re not at all surprised that your first port of call when something goes wrong with your garage door is a search engine to find the nearest garage door expert.
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Why Is My Garage Door Making Strange Sounds?

Not that long ago, your trusty garage door started making some pretty strange sounds. It caused some concern, but not enough to warrant really doing anything. It might be nothing – after all, the door is still working, right?
The rational part of you knows that you should do something about those noises. Chances are good that the door will eventually stop working if you don’t act, and you’ll wake up one morning to find that you can’t get your car out of the garage.
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Driveway surfaces 101

Resurfacing your driveway and unsure which surface material to choose?
We understand that it can feel overwhelming faced with all that choice, that’s why we’ve written this blog post to help you evaluate the best option for you and your home. Whether you’re worried about the environment or your bank balance, we can help you find the right fit!
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7 signs it’s time to change your garage door

You probably think you can deal with little things niggling at you, that as long as it opens and closes they don’t matter, you’ll get them fixed at a later date…
Well, small problems can actually be hiding bigger problems and as your garage door is the largest moving component of your home, you should do something about them. You don’t want a member of your family getting hurt!
We’ve compiled a list of seven signs it’s time for you to change your garage door, whether due to its appearance, or other factors. Read on to find out more.
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Gardening and Starting Seedlings in Your Garage

Love gardening, but lack a greenhouse or other way to get a head start on growth? While you could invest hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars on equipment and tools, you may already have the most important asset. Your garage can be an ideal solution for gardening, allowing you to save money on the food you eat throughout the year and become more self-sustaining.
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Your Garage Door is Strong!

Garage doors are one of the heftiest pieces of equipment in the entire home. Although we don’t often think about it, garage doors do a lot of heavy work. Our team took a look at some of the performance challenges that garage doors are subject to. A lot of these factors have never been considered before. After reading these facts, you won’t be able to look at your garage door the same way again! These tips and pointers can help you understand exactly what your garage door goes through on a daily basis, and why it’s important to invest in proper installation and maintenance care. Read More