May 25, 2018

Check out these videos to solve common garage door problems

Woman opening a garage Door from her car

Is your garage door opener giving you some trouble lately? The videos in this article can help you find the answers for the most common problems that homeowners have with this device.

While these videos are meant for LiftMaster brand door openers, they can also be applied to Chamberlain or Craftsman door openers.

Click on the link below to find the troubleshooting answer you’ve been looking for. If you want to stay up with the latest advances in garage door openers, go to the LiftMaster website by clicking here.

  1. Is the battery in your remote control dead?
  2. Dead battery in the Universal Garage Door Remote? (375UT ou KLIK3U)
  3. Not sure why your remote control isn’t working?
  4. Got a dead battery in a Wireless Keyless Entry?
  5. Is your Wireless Keyless Entry not working?
  6. Do you see a blinking L.E.D. light on the remote control?
  7. Are the lights on the garage door opener staying on?
  8. Does your garage door refuse to open all the way?
  9. Is your garage door refusing to close all the way?
  10. Is your garage door opener beeping?
  11. Do you need to check the balance of the garage door?
  12. Is it time to replace the garage door opener battery backup? (485LM)
  13. Do you need to replace the logic board in the garage door opener?

What if your question isn’t answered above?

If you can’t find your problem in the answers above, please contact us any time at 1-800-780-3883, or stop by and see us at our showroom. We can give you advice in person, or send a written quotation that provides a choice of possibilities via email.

If you have decided that you’re ready to try a new garage door, use our Design Centre or check out the many examples in our image gallery for inspiration.

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