Garage door maintenance & repair

April 29, 2020
Just like all of the other systems in your home, your garage needs a little TLC. If you neglect to maintain your HVAC system, your roof, or your kitchen appliances, you end up with costly repairs down the road. Your garage door is the same.
December 21, 2018
Spring break might sound like a lot of fun, but that isn’t always the case. At least it’s not when you’re talking about hearing a loud noise that comes from your garage when you least expect it. Once you get over the initial shock, you head to the garage to see what just happened. You may not notice anything strange at first glance. But when you go to use your garage door, you may notice it isn’t working the way it should be. You may also hear a strange noise when you try to open it up. So you take a look up and realize that lifting spring has split into two different pieces!
October 26, 2018
Whether you are building a new home or undertaking a major home renovation project, you can certainly do a lot of the work yourself. However, more technical or skilled jobs should be left to experienced technicians. Most people agree will agree that you should stick to what you know best!
September 29, 2017
When you make any big investment, you don’t just go with the first person you come across… You wouldn’t buy a brand-new sportscar from a backyard dealer, so why would you settle for anything than the best when buying a new garage door?
August 4, 2017
Not that long ago, your trusty garage door started making some pretty strange sounds. It caused some concern, but not enough to warrant really doing anything. It might be nothing – after all, the door is still working, right?
June 2, 2017
You probably think you can deal with little things niggling at you, that as long as it opens and closes they don’t matter, you’ll get them fixed at a later date… Well, small problems can actually be hiding bigger problems and as your garage door is the largest moving component of your home, you should do something about them. You don’t want a member of your family getting hurt!

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