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When you make any big investment, you don’t just go with the first person you come across… You wouldn’t buy a brand-new sportscar from a backyard dealer, so why would you settle for anything than the best when buying a new garage door?

Working with a garage door expert is the only way to guarantee that the job is done right, literally. And if the company you’re looking at isn’t willing to guarantee both the quality of the parts and the quality of their labour… RUN A MILE!

A reputable garage door company will be there for you from the very first time you pick up the phone or visit the showroom

They’ll help you make an informed choice about the door style, colour, finish, accessories, windows, hardware, and door opener that’s right for you. And they can also advise you about important issues, such as energy efficiency and insulation.

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They’ll then accompany you through the next stages, sending a technician out to your home to evaluate and measure up for the job. Then, they’ll provide you with various quotes based on different door models, they can even show you how it will turn out by using their design centre.

Once you’ve made your final choice, the technician will come back out to your home to install your new garage door, and they’ll know exactly what to expect, having already analyzed the situation in your garage. Everything will run smoothly, and they’ll even tidy up before they leave.

Last of all, they’ll provide you with your invoice and warranty, everything will be clearly explained so you can understand it.

So, how exactly do you know if you’re working with a professional company?

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Use your common sense and research! You want to look for a company that’s clearly proud of their work and displays examples of recently completed jobs. Additionally, you should be looking for a company that’s a member of a professional association, such as the International Door Association or the Canadian Door Institute. Like in all industries, professional associations require that their members uphold high levels of customer service standards and adhere to a code of conduct. This guarantees that you’re working with a reputable company that’s willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

You should also be looking for a company that’s by your side even once the door has been installed. A company that’s willing to come back out a week later to make any adjustments, a company that runs a tune-up service to make sure your garage door operates properly, a company that has a preventative maintenance program and offers emergency services, such as keeping replacement parts in stock for rapid repairs. You want a company who’s not going to abandon you as soon as your initial invoice has been paid.

In conclusion…

To make sure you’re working with a garage door company that ticks all the right boxes, get in touch with us at 705-324-1005. We promise to accompany you through every stage of your purchase. You can even request a quotation online here, or ask us to make a house call, it will be our pleasure.

While you’re here, why not look through our image gallery or play around with our Design Centre tool?

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