June 29, 2018

Why your garage is the perfect place to practice yoga

Woman Practicing Yoga

When it comes to practicing yoga, you need a space that is private and quiet so nobody or nothing is around to bother you. One of the best options is the garage, provided it is laid out in the right way. Below are some tips for turning your garage into the perfect space for your yoga practice.

Space is that enclosed and calming

While practicing yoga, you are aiming to adopt a soothing, deep type of breathing while developing flexibility and relaxing. This exercise provides enhancement to your daily well-being, but is also an excellent way to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

It’s not always easy to find the right space in your home where the promise of not being disturbed is a given. Anything else can lead to less tranquility as you do your yoga. That’s why the garage can be the perfect place for relaxation and unwinding.

Best practices to prepare the garage

Here are some easy steps you can take to make your garage into a location for yoga:

  • Tidy up: the less clutter in your garage, the tidier it will be. This offers a better chance to relaxation. Make sure to put away items you don’t need while doing yoga, such as bicycles or tools. Move things to your shed if you need to.
  • Inspire relaxation: grab some paint and build relaxation into the environment. Yellow shades can add warmth while green shades tend to be more calming. Choosing a more neutral shade is best for relaxation. You could also paint a mural of natural or spiritual scenes.
  • Get everything ready: make sure that you have everything you need ready. Put your yoga towels, cushions, mats, and blocks somewhere nearby for easy access.
  • Audible immersion: you could choose to play some natural sounds like birds, waterfalls, or rainstorms to set the mood the way you like. Another option is to play a yoga vide or podcast while you practice
  • Proper lighting: you may have fluorescent lights in your garage, which are not great for yoga. Add a floor lamp and some candles so you can turn out that harsh light. If you prefer natural light, consider installing a garage door with all-glass sections. This is especially apt if your door is already showing signs of wear or no longer works as well as it once did. For those who prefer more privacy, you can install a metal/steel garage door that is fitted with satin or glue chip decorative windows in the top section.
  • Heating & cooling: some garages do not feature baseboard heaters or other heating options. In this case, you could choose to utilize a portable heater, instead. When it’s winter, you can keep the heat inside where it belongs with an insulated garage door.

Once that’s done, you have an inspiring space to enjoy your yoga in every day!

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