What should i know about repainting my garage door?

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If it’s been quite a few years since your garage door was last painted, or you’ve never repainted it, and it’s an older model, it could probably use a fresh coat. Painting your garage door can help to keep it protected from the elements, and can also modernize it and allow it to tie into your home’s overall aesthetic. It can also boost curb appeal and value if you’re thinking about selling. However, what should you know about the painting process?

The information below is specific to metal doors, including insulated and uninsulated. Wood garage doors will need different steps and products, and you should contact your local paint dealer to learn how to go about it, and what stain or paint might be best.

The First Step

Before starting the project, understand that it’s not possible to buy alkyd paints (oil paints). Consumers don’t have access to these products, so you’ll need to buy latex or water-based paint. Both work well, though. Just make sure you’re buying from a trusted brand, such as:

Gather Your Equipment

In addition to the right paint, you’re going to need the right tools for the job. You’ll need a good quality paintbrush – it should be four inches in length (10 cm), and should have synthetic bristles.

You’ll need a short-pile woven fabric roller that measures around five inches (15 cm) in length, as well as a paint tray. Don’t forget to protect the cement under the door on both sides – plastic or cloth drop cloths will do the trick easily. Finally, make sure to pick up some blue painter’s tape to block off around the windows on your door if it has any.

How Much Paint?

Most consumers overbuy when it comes to purchasing paint for their garage door. If you have a double garage door, you’ll only need one gallon of paint (four liters). However, if your door is older, you will also want to invest in a coat of primer to help your paint go farther, and to ensure that none of the old paint or stains on the door bleed through. We also recommend going with a paint that offers a matte or semi-gloss finish, and not a high-gloss finish.

Note that if your garage door faces south or southwest, you should avoid using dark colored paint. Your door will receive a significant amount of sunlight during the day, and a darker paint will absorb more UV rays, and can possibly warp the metal of your door. However, if your garage door is shaded, either by a roof or by trees, you can ignore this.

Preparing to Paint

To get started, we recommend that you wash each section of the garage door with trisodium phosphate cleaner to remove oil or grease. Next, rinse the entire door with clean water and allow it to dry. You may need to use a rough grit sandpaper to abrade the door’s surface, but make sure you do not use steel wool. After sanding, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust (or use a damp cloth). Make sure to clean around PVC window frames and molding.

Base Coating

You only need to apply a base coat if the enamel has been worn off part of your garage door and the metal is visible underneath. In this case, we recommend that you use a zinc phosphate primer, and allow the base coat to dry for at least 16 hours before applying the next coat.

Top Coating

Once the base coat has dried, you can apply the top coat. In some instances, you may need a second coat, as well. Allow the first coat to completely dry before applying a second coat, though.

Can I Hire a Pro?

Yes, you can hire a professional painter to handle your garage door repainting project. You’ll actually find quite a few specialist painters who focus on garage doors and the like. In most cases, a pro will use an industrial-quality paint applied with a sprayer, rather than using a brush and roller. A professional may also erect a screen around the garage door to prevent dirt, dust and/or bugs from getting stuck in the wet paint.

More Than a Repainting Job?

Do you have more than a repainting job in mind? You can contact us at 1-800-780-3883, and we can provide you with a full analysis of your needs. We’d also be happy to provide you an email quote. Feel free to use our Design Centre and our image gallery to get an idea of your options.

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