December 23, 2016

How to choose between two single doors and a double garage door

House With Double Garage Door

You’re going over the plans for your new home with the developers but two of them can’t see eye to eye – one wants to install a double garage door, the other two single garage doors. Of course, the final choice is up to you, but how do you choose?

We’ve compiled these helpful tips to help you make the right choice.

What size is your garage?

Both attached or detached garages must be at least 18 ft. wide by 22 ft. deep if you’re going to park two cars in your garage. If you prefer the look of two single garage doors (8 ft. x 7 ft.), your garage has to be at least 22 ft. wide. If double garage doors are more up your alley, your garage must be at least 24 ft. wide, or wider if you’re planning on installing an access door at the front of the garage, rather than on the side.

Of course, the type of vehicle you’re planning on parking in your garage will also affect the required width; an SUV will require more space than a compact car, for example. You’ll also need to leave adequate space along the edges for storage. And don’t forget, a narrow garage makes opening vehicle doors more difficult.

Your final decision will also be influenced by your budget and style preferences, but at least we’ve covered the dimensions.

First off, let’s consider the practical aspects:

  • Cold and humidity

    In colder weather, two single garage doors will reduce the amount of cold air flowing into your garage, thus reducing your heating costs (if you heat your garage). In warmer, more humid weather, two single doors will also reduce the amount of humidity that enters the garage, reducing your air conditioning costs.

  • Malfunctions

    Opting for two single garage doors can also be beneficial in the event of a garage door malfunction (torsion spring break, for example). If one of your garage doors malfunctions, at least you’ll still be able to get one car out of your garage. However, if you install a double garage door, you’ll be left with no vehicles at all!

  • Parking three cars

    If you have three smaller cars and would like to park them all in the garage you’d be better off opting for a 16-18 ft. double door, as this makes getting all three cars in and out a lot easier. There will be a lot of awkward manoeuvring to do if you opt for two single doors.

  • What about triple garages?

    Of course, in the past double garages were almost unheard of, but they sprang on to the market without a problem, so what about triple garages? Well, real estate developers don’t tend to include triple garages (one double 16 ft. door and one single 9 ft. door) on their plans, but you do see them in the US where the cost of land is lower. Most people with triple garages use the smaller door for small vehicles (motorcycles, ATVs, etc.). If you think a triple garage is the best option for you, remember that your garage must be at least 900 ft.2.

What about appearance?

  • You can’t really generalize tastes, but…

    Architects and designers will tell you that single garage doors are the better choice if your garage is at the front of your home. Double garage doors attract too much attention and take away from the style and architectural design of your home. However, if you truly think a double garage door is your best option you can add decorative elements to tie it in with the rest of your home.

  • Thinking about installing carriage-style doors?

    Here you don’t really have a choice, this traditional style only works with 8 and 9 ft. doors.

Aren’t single garage doors more expensive?

Not really, the cost of materials is not so different to double doors, but you would have to buy a second electric garage door opener, and build a narrow wall between the two doors.

Here we would like to note that a double garage door doesn’t necessitate a more powerful garage door opener. The size doesn’t effect how the garage door opens, as long as the door is well balanced, the counterweight will open the door easily. Garage doors should weigh somewhere between eight and ten pounds. The motor on the door doesn’t do anything more than you would do manually, except of course it is able to lift heavier weights, and bring that weight back down again quickly – so always mind fingers and toes when a garage door is closing!

Feeling inspired?

Contact us at 705-324-1005, our team will be pleased to talk to you about our entire range of single and double garage doors, as well as electric garage door openers. It is our pleasure to discuss your needs with you and help you find the most appropriate solution. You can also request an online quotation.

Finally, why not try out our Design Centre and upload a picture of your home to see what your new garage door will look like? Or visit our image gallery for inspiration!

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